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Birthday Parties

What kind of balloon is this?There are two packages that I offer for birthday parties. First, I have my Super Cool Balloons package. This is where I make balloons for every child at your party.

I know that you may have seen other people do this type of work in the past. Let me assure you, when I do balloon work, it’s like nothing that you’ve ever seen. I’m not just a balloon factory that goes “Here’s a sword. Here’s a dog. Here’s a flower”. I’m an interactive entertainment experience.

I make balloons that blow your mind. From parodies of your favorite cartoon characters to elaborate works of art; I make balloons that will have your guests talking about your event for years to come. I also use my wacky humor to keep your guests in stitches while I weave a masterpiece.

If time allows, your birthday child will also receive a special creation that is extra-special and extra-spectacular. If possible, I’ll try to duplicate the theme of your party.

The second package that I offer is my Comedy Magic Show and Balloons package. In this package, I do a half hour comedy magic show for your child and guests. This is a fun filled family oriented show. When possible, I make your birthday child the STAR of the show. When we take a little bit of fun stuff with balloons and add a little bit of comedy magic, we create an experience that your child will not forget.

After the show, I make balloons for all of the children. The complexity of what I make depends on how many children and how much time we have left. But just as in the Super Cool Balloons package, I’m interactive with your children; using my balloons and humor to put a smile on everyone’s face.

For the Super Cool Balloons package, I’m $160 for one hour, an hour and a half for $210, or $130 per hour, if you book in multiple hours (two hour minimum). For the Comedy Magic Show and Balloons package, I’m $225 for an hour and a half (half hour show and hour of balloons). I also offer a “lite” package with a 20 minute show and very quick simple balloons for only $175 (hour total package). If you would like to book a birthday party, you may call me at 615-438-3072 or email me at (rates listed are based on event locations in the general Nashville area. Rates are subject to change without notice based on time of year or distance that I have to travel)

If you call around, you’ll see my prices are pretty competitive to everyone else out there. Plus, I have experience that most entertainers can’t even begin to touch.


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